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Prince Charming, or Snow White?

My darling, my love, my longest best friend.
You will forever be the root of my confusion, the root of my not knowing. Perhaps you are my soulmate, my intended, perhaps you always were. I am having some trouble you see, my sweet one, for I am unsure of who my heart belongs to. Prince Charming, or Snow White? Prince Charming is one kind of perfection, an all-forgiven love to whom I am devoted, it is he who I adore. But Snow White stirs something within me. Snow White is beauty and passion and lust, another type of love entirely. Snow White is not so innocent as fairy tales would have us believe; Prince Charming not so gallant. Is Prince Charming just fulfilling the child’s dream in me? Will Snow White complete me? Oh, how I desire her soft, dark hair, her pale skin, those enticing, wonderful red lips. She may not be beautiful to all, but she is beautiful to me, quite a wonder indeed. It has been as such since we were children. You will remember us as children, my darling, my dearest Snow White. You will remember the looks and the touches, the confusion and the kisses. You are something to me that I have not yet workedout, but my love for you is true.
My love for you is pure, and everlasting.

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your writing is so perfect, filled with such emotion! i love it- makes me feel so emotional when reading it and wish i could write anywhere near as good as you!xx

Thanks Matthew ;)

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